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Welcome To Twisted Horns Ridge

As the owners of Twisted Horns Ridge, we cannot wait to have you stay with us.  We’ve worked very hard to design and decorate these tiny homes and create the perfect space for you to come out and enjoy the Hill Country, our animals and relax in this peaceful place we feel blessed to call home. 

Our goal when we started was to maintain the quiet peaceful environment that everyone loves so much and allows you the opportunity to really feel a part of this wonderful place. From the soft sound of the wind in the trees, watching all the animals interact or just seeing the light of a thousand stars against a black night sky, it’s something truly special. It’s one of our greatest hopes that you’ll get an opportunity to come out and stay with us and create your own special memories at Twisted Horns Ridge.

Devin & Sheri

Hi and welcome!  We’re Devin & Sheri with Twisted Horns Ridge.  We live on our awesome 72 acre property about an hour west of San Antonio.  Born & raised in Texas, we ultimately built our dream home in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in 2009 and we’ve been loving it here ever since.
We share this awesome place with all the native wildlife as well as our majestic longhorns, about 20 goats, 40+ exotic antelope and dozens of chickens.  It’s quite the menagerie.  Many of our family and friends love the peace and tranquility here and we had the idea of creating a way for the public to come too.  So, in addition to owning and selling real estate investment properties, we started a vacation rental business right here on the ranch in 2017. 
We began with just 3 unique units and the response was incredible!  Since we started, we’ve added 3 more units for a total of 6 and we continue to expand our group of tiny homes with 4 new units scheduled to open in the spring of 2022.   
two antelope in a field at Twisted Horns Ridge

The Twisted Horns Experience

Romantic Getaway, Private Respite or Hill Country Home Base – you can experience all of this and more at Twisted Horns Ridge.

Hill Country Inspired Décor
Snuggly Soft Bedding
Walk-In Shower
Mini Kitchenette
Blackstone Griddle
Coffee & Tea
Fresh Eggs (when available)
AC / Heat

Outdoor Seating Areas
Covered Porch
Privacy Fencing
Splash Pool
Hot Tub
Fire Table

Hill Country Views
Native Landscaping
Feed Our Longhorns
Blackbuck Antelope
Goats & Chickens
Nature & Wildlife
Walking Trails
Starry Skies

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