Twisted Horns Ridge


years the making to bring you a truly special and perfect space for visitors to enjoy the texas hill country.

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Welcome To Twisted Horns Ridge

As the owners of Twisted Horns Ridge, we cannot wait to have you stay with us.  We’ve worked very hard to design and decorate these tiny homes and create the perfect space for you to come out and enjoy the Hill Country, our animals and relax in this peaceful place we feel blessed to call home. 

Our goal when we started was to maintain the quiet peaceful environment that everyone loves so much and allows you the opportunity to really feel a part of this wonderful place. From the soft sound of the wind in the trees, watching all the animals interact or just seeing the light of a thousand stars against a black night sky, it’s something truly special. It’s one of our greatest hopes that you’ll get an opportunity to come out and stay with us and create your own special memories at Twisted Horns Ridge.